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Beginner’s Guide


If you've never visited Iwasaki Seishodo or if you restore or making a mounting or works for the first time, please read this first. We have summarized what Hyogu is, the process of requesting it, and frequently asked questions.

What is a mounting/Hyogu artisan


Hyogu refers to scrolls, hanging scrolls, folding screens, sliding doors, screens, frames, picture albums, etc. made by textiles or paper. Maiking them is called hyousou. A person whose job is to make mountings is called a Hyogu artisan. The main work is the repair of hanging scrolls, folding screens, screens, frames, picture albums, scrolls, etc. At Iwasaki Seishodo, we handle the replacement of mountings, keeping in mind that the mountings that support the work from behind. We aim to create a mounting that is in harmony with the work and the mounting, so that the work can be viewed comfortably.


Published work “Ito Shinsui”

Process of request



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1What is a hanging scroll?

Calligraphy or paintings are reinforced by being backed with paper or cloth, and decorations appropriate to the work are given. It is mainly displayed in the alcove.

Q2How long does it take to finish the mounting?

It depends on the work and circumstances,but it takes about 2 months.

Q3The stain is terrible, can you help me?

I will do my best. Each stain has a different cause and a different condition. We will make the best decision based on a preliminary investigation.

Q4Can I choose the fabric and color matching myself?

We will give top priority to your wishes. If you visit our store, you can actually choose from over 100 types of fabrics.

Q5I have a piece that I don't plan on displaying, but is it possible for me to pick it up?

Is possible. We will take it back at a reasonable price.

Q6Do you rent out works?

No,we don't.

Q7Is it possible for you to come to my home?

We will be happy to visit you if you are in the three Hokuriku prefectures.

Q8Can I ask you to reupholster the doll's snow cave?

We are very sorry, but we do not reupholster the doll's snow cave. The snow cave in Tenjin can be re-covered, so please feel free to contact us at any time.


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If you wish to attach more than six images, we kindly ask you to send them directly to this email address: iwasaki.seishodo@gmail.com